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Life Is Slow When The Groove Is On

Hey, welcome to Livejournal's first community for Groove Armada.

Hmm... Love Box is currently my favorite album, with "Easy" as my track of choice. Dang, they've got some catchy ones this time around (again). Heh. "Madder" and "Purple Haze" usually get stuck in my head- and I'm not saying that's a bad thing.

Well, join up if you want in on the Groove!
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You should send me more like Groove Armada songs so I can decide if I like them enough to join the community I helped in sponsoring :-p

I am from Geramny and I love Groove Armada for quite a while now.
My fave track is "my friend" from te "Hello Nightclub...." album.
I have the chance to see them on the 16 th this month live in cologne and I am really looking forward.
Apart from like a million bands I really like The Basement Jaxx, Bran Van 3000. Moloko, Underworld, Chemical Brothers and Apollo Fourfourty.


I just bought the Goodbye Country, Hello Nightclub album. Superstylin' and My Friend are my faves.
I actually saw GA live in June at the Provinssi festival in Finland. Im so glad they came here!! I'm a big fan, even though it's not the kind of music I usually listen to. Still I think it's amazing. My all-time-favourite song from them has got to be Suntoucher! Aaa I love it! And they were brilliant live- have you others seen them live too?
hey i love groove armarda, i also love bands like basement jaxx, fat boy slim, armand van helden. All tracks are great on all these artists.
groove armada rocks my socks.

made a ringtone out of Purple Haze. Funtastic! I hope they tour in the US again. The concert was amazing.
Groove Armada...Suntoucher...Best Track